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Want to support Galvs Scripts?

I currently have full time commitments now and have little time for writing new plugins – but I am interested in porting my plugins over to MZ. The more support I get will allow me time to do so. Please consider supporting my Patreon, any little bit helps keep demo file server, domain and scripts online it would be much appreciated!

A big thanks to my supporters and good luck with your projects!


Hey everyone, my name is Galv (or less commonly known by my RL name, "Ben") and I would love to spend my time making role playing games and helping others make theirs. I absolutely love RPG's and have played most titles released 'Down Under' (and unfortunately missed out on many that were not...)

Once upon a time, I created many scripts for RPGMaker VX Ace/MV and shared them freely with the community (shameless website plug here) as well as provided support for users' scripting, mapping, graphic and editor headaches.

Unfortunately, I could not make a living from dedicating my time to the RPGMaker community and had to take on a full time job. Because of this full time work, I can no longer release any new scripts/plugins to the community or dedicate as much time to providing online support.

For now, the funds received from this Patreon will help to pay for website updates, hosting, domain, demo/plugin file storage and other costs so that everyone will have access to my scripts and plugins.

A big thank you to all you awesome RPG makers out there and to everyone who has supported me in helping the community.

Terms of use

Feel free to use my scripts in your game projects as long as you give credit. Scripts written by me are free for commercial use unless otherwise stated (see below).

Please do not repost my scripts/plugins in other places. Feel free to modify them for use in your own project but do not share/repost the modified script/plugin anywhere.

Commercial use

Scripts that are not free for commercial use will contain a note in the script comment heading as well as be clearly labelled on the script page of this website with the following logo (listed on the official website).

You can contact me in regards to using one of these labelled scripts in a commercial project by PMing Galv at one of the following forums:



Ace Scripts NOT free for commercial use

Menu Themes Engine

Fishing Mini Game

MV Plugins NOT free for commercial use

Invader Mini Game

Fishing Mini Game

I take no responsibility for your use of any of my scripts, the demos I make or how they may affect you, your game, your computer or your nextdoor neighbor’s cat.


Сайт Patreon

Email: kuznetsovdenis96@gmail.com